Student's Union

COLLEGE UNION 1. Function of the college union are: a) To organise discussion on general, cultural, academic, national and international problems. b) To organise debated competition. c) To invite eminent persons to address the Union. 2. Membership of the Union: Every student of +3 classes of the college is a member of the union and is eligible for elections. No one whose name is not on rolls of the college can be a member of on the Union. 3. College Union Fund: a) All members of the College Union should pay a membership fee of Rs 9.00 each to be collected by the College office in the beginning of every session. b) The executive body will have the power to decide the extent of extra collection subject to maximum of Rs. 1/- per year. c) The account of the union shall be subject to audit every year in April by the lecture-in –charge of the internal account and be sent to the Principal through the Advisor. These accounts will be presented in the meeting of the next session by the Secretary d) The elected office bearers in consultation with the Advisor should prepare the budget; estimate the expenditure of the union in the beginning of the session to be passed in the executive body meeting of the union. The budget will then be placed before the Principal for approval. e) The funds will be kept in the PL account in the treasury under the subhead “The College Fund” and the withdrawal will be made by the Principal on the request of the secretary should be responsible for maintain the book of account. The Secretary has to submit a budget to the advisor duly signed by her for submission to the Principal. 4. Membership of the staff: The meeting shall be the open to all the members of the staff who if they do desiree can take part in the proceedings of the meeting. 5. Office Bearers: The following shall be the office bearers of the union and all members of the College Union are eligible for these posts except for the post of Vice-President and Assistant Secretary. The Vice President and the Asst. Secretary shall be from among the +3 Ist year or IInd year student members of the Union a) The President b) The Vice-President c) The Secretary d) The Assistant Secretary e) Class representatives, one from each class elected by the students. f) The office bearers would be Body Executive 6) The Advisor and the Association Advisor: a) There shall be one advisor and one or more Associate Advisors appointed by the Principal from among the members of the staff. b) The Advisor/Associate Advisor shall be present at the meeting of the Union. He / She will assist helpful suggestions whenever he / she thinks it necessary in the proper conduct of the meeting. The President also may refer to the Advisor regarding any rule for interpretation and the decision of the Advisor shall be final. c) The Advisor / Associate Advisor may at any time during a meeting at the request of the President, explain the scope or effect of a motion or amendment. d) The Advisor / Associate Advisor cannot preside over a meeting of the Union unless specially requested to do so by President. e) The allocated funds is to be received by the Advisor, College Union and disburse the amount to the Secretary as per the approved budget for various heads of expenditure. 7) The President: The President shall preside over all ordinary meeting of the union at which she is present. She shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules. Her ruling shall be considered final except where she requests any Advisors under clause ‘6b’ above. The President’s voice shall be considered as the opinion of the Union in all external affairs of the Union. 8) The Vice President: The Vice - President shall be a student of either the +3 1st year or 2nd year. The Vice-President shall assist the president in the discharge of her duties in the absence of the President. The Vice – President shall assume all rights and discharge all her duties. 9) The Secretary: a) The Secretary with the permission of the Principal shall arrange the debates, give notice of all meeting whether ordinary, extra ordinary or general body meeting. b) The Secretary shall select the subject of debates discussion or consulting the President and the Advisor. c) The Secretary shall maintain details of accounts of expenditure incurred by the Union during the years as supported by Vouchers which should get passed by the Advisor / Associate advisors. d) She shall maintain record of proceedings of all meetings. 10) The Assistant Secretary: The Assistant Secretary shall be a student of a the +3 1st year or 2nd year. She shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of the duties and in her absence perform all her functions. 11) General Body: Once in the beginning of each session on such date as the Principal may appoint there shall be an annual meeting of the Union for purpose of amending the rules of the Union for purpose of amending the rules of the constitution, if any, presentation of the audited accounts of the previous session by the Secretary and welcoming the new members of the Union. The Principal or her / his nominee shall preside over this meeting. 12) Elections: Elections shall be conducted and votes to be recorded in such a manner as the Principal shall determine once in the beginning of each session. 13) a) The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected. b) In the case of an equality of votes between any two or more candidates the election of successful candidates shall be determined by draw of lots. 14) The office bearers shall hold office till the end of the academic session, unless. i) They cease to members of the College Union. ii) They voluntarily resign in writing address to the Principal. iii) They are removed as provided in Rule 15 below. 15) An office bearer who fails in the proper discharge of his duties can be removed by a vote of non confidence passed by two third of the members of the Union present at the extra ordinary meeting called for the purpose. The quorum for such a meeting shall be ¾ of the total membership of the Union. 16) Such office bearers of the College Union during the preceding session who are admitted to the college shall constitute an adhoc committee to celebrate function until election for a new session is held. 17) At the end of the test Examination the President and Secretary of the College Union if they belong to final year of three degree course will handover the charge to the Vice-President and the Asst. Secretary respectively who will continue to remain in office till the office bearer take their charges. 18) Extra Ordinary Meeting: An extra ordinary meeting of the union may be convened i) At the Principal’s discretion ii) On the written request addressed to the Principal and signed by not less then 50% of the members of the Union. iii) At the request of the President. 19) The Principal or his/her nominees shall preside over all extra ordinary meetings. 20) Ordinary Meetings/ Executive Committee Meetings: a) Ordinary meetings of the Union shall be arranged by the Secretary in consultation with the President and Advisor. b) There shall be at least six ordinary meetings during the course of the session. c) No ordinary meeting of the Union shall last for more than two and half hours. Notice: The Secretary shall cause a notice to be issued two days before each ordinary meeting containing the following particulars. i) Date and time of the meeting. ii) Place of meeting iii) Agenda 21) 22) 23) Invitation of non members for debates Address: The Secretary may with the permission of the principal invite a person or person or persons who are not members of the college to The Secretary may with the permission of the principal invite a person or person or persons who are not members of the college to take part in the debate or Address the Union. In case of debate such persons will speak after, permission had been duly discussed by members of the Union and the notice given by the Secretary will be signed by the Advisor. 24) Amendments: Notices for amendments must be put for the purpose by 12 noon on the day preceding the date of meeting. 25) Discipline: a) Teh President may call any members of order, if a member disobeys or disregards any offer rulling of the President or the Advisor, as the case may be, the President may forthwith ask the member to withdraw from the meeting or may report her name to the Principal. If necessary the President may dissolve the Meeting. b) No personal reflection shall be made in the course of the meetings.

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