National Cadet Cops(NCC)


NCC, Govt. Women's College, Sundargarh comes under 9 Odisha Battalion NCC, Rourkela (Army Wing). Being the battalion office, it holds the power and authority to command and appoint various duties including camps. It is headed by a Commanding Officer Lt. Col. M.T. Swamy (Indian Army). The office allots _ vacancies to our college every year inclusive of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. Since, NCC is of 3 years now, only +2 1st year, +3 1st year and +3 2nd year students are allowed to join NCC. The aspiring girl students undergo a series of physical test (i.e. height, weight, running, push-up, sit-up and pull-up) and if selected, they get enrolled into NCC for 3 consecutive years. 1st year comprises of merely NCC training, attending camps and no exams. On successful completion of 2nd year training with a satisfactory result which includes discipline, hard work, obedience and mental ability, they are allowed to appear certificate examination. Likewise, it is only at the end of the 3rd year training, they appear certificate examination and go out in search of a suitable job. The NCC certificates indeed serve as bonus points in job interviews.

Selection procedure:

The NCC selection takes place in the month of August with a prior notice every year, when the +2 and +3 academic admissions get over all together. Procedure of application is as follows:

  • A student first of all requires to be a bonafide student of the college.
  • Secondly, she needs to collect an enrolment form from the NCC office on notification.
  • Fill it up neatly, correctly and completely as asked.
  • Submit it back in the NCC office within time and date expected.
  • Take note of date, time and venue of selection.
  • Remain present positively and in time on the ground for physical test as directed.
  • Carry required equipment and personal water bottle to the ground.
  • Participate and cooperate in the selection procedure with discipline as a candidate.
  • Visit the college notice board for short-list selection on notified date and later on for final selection list.

This is the procedure, tailored for selection into NCC, Govt. Women's College, Sundargarh. Since, the limited and restricted vacancy of __ doesn't satisfy all aspirants, some of the selected students are kept in Reserve for later on enrolment if any, in between the year. Or else, they are directly enrolled in the following year NCC selection without a physical test and there begins their 1st year NCC training, followed by 2nd year and 3rd year. But it is only then, if she has attended all NCC classes with enrolled cadets year round and showed a genuine interest in NCC. Further, it is of note that in case, a cadet fails in academics during his 3 years NCC training period, her candidature in NCC fails even simultaneously.

NCC Training:

NCC Training programme consists of Physical training, drill and theory class. It has a well-set syllabus which covers NCC subjects as well as defense studies. NCC classes are held only on Saturdays from 7 am to 12 pm. It is mandatory for all enrolled as well as reserved cadets to attend NCC training, failing which a cadet is debarred from attending camps and appearing NCC examinations. The whole training is shared and taken by a Parade Instructor (PI staff) from the Indian Army and the ANO, a permanent member of the college who is specially trained for NCC by the Indian Army.


NCC is in a way a service-provider. It produces volunteers who are ever ready to help within the campus as well as in the vicinity. Unity and Discipline, being the motto of NCC, it acts as a disciplinarian during different college functions and gatherings. It also partakes in various rallies, blood donation camps, tree plantation projects, cleanliness drive, road safety week and awareness programmes, organized by the district authority and local NGOs. NCC day, Independence Day and Republic Day are its major celebrations which are observed on the premises with high honour and vibes.


N.C.C. cadets are preferred in the services of Indian Army, Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police, Reserve Police of different States. CISF, ITBP, Fire Brigade and as Security Officers in different Companies / Corporations, N.C.C. The NCC cadets represent the college every year in the District level parade competitions held at the district stadium on the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day. Whenever, there is a competitive examination related to any defence service, cadets are specially trained and coached in advance physically and mentally as well. On the whole, NCC, Govt. Women's College, Sundargarh acts as a beacon in finding a niche in life.