College Library

The library of Goverenment Women's College, Sundargarh is UGC granted and have different types of Magazines, Journals , General books in addition to subject books.The students, staff members of the college and other persons specially permitted by the Principal may use the library.

The following list shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers.
Types of Books No. of Books
__ __
Library Rules
  1. The library will remain open to the students and members of the staff during the working hours of the college.
  2. No book should be taken out of the library until it is duly issued by the librarian.
  3. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book at the time of issue from the librarian then and there. If any detect is noticed by the Librarians later the presumption will be against the last borrower.
  4. Each student will be provided with library card which must be presented both at the time of borrowing and returning the book.
  5. Whoever may have been in possession of a college Library book should return to the Library whenever she receives a requisition notice for the return of the book from the librarian.
  6. A fine as decided by the Principal will be binding on the borrower after the due date.
  7. When the date of the return of a book falls on a holiday, it should be returned to the library on the day the college after the holiday.
  8. No notes or marking shall be made in the library books and magazines nor shall any picture or pages be removed or otherwise disfigured. In such cases the borrower will have to replace the books/magazines or to pay double the cost of the book/ magazine.
  9. Books lost or damaged while unload must be replaced at the borrower’s expense.
  10. Although ordinarily there will be no restriction on the use of books in the library, the principal has the right to stop the issue of certain books to all or some intending borrowers without assigning any reason there of.
  11. If a borrower keeps library book/s in her possession for more than the allowed for the purpose no more books will be issued to her until the books concerned are restored to the Library. In extreme cases the privilege of using the library may be altogether denied to such person/s.
  12. All those who happen to be inside or in its neighbourhood are expected to observe strict silence. No outsider should enter into the library without official permission.
  13. Time allotted to a student borrower is 15 days. A book once issued to a borrower may be re-issued to her for the second time only when nobody else wants to take that book. Books being reissued should be presented before the librarian for necessary entries in the register.
  14. Any book lost, damaged or defected by a borrower must be replaced by her, if the book is one of a set or series and the volume cannot be obtained smoothly, the whole set or series be replaced by thee readers. If the book be rare or not replaceable, the borrower must pay an amount of ten time the catalogue price of the book.
  15. [Odisha Ed Code Act 127(7)]
    In case the Price of the lost books cannot be ascertained the borrowers should pay as compensation an amount fixed by the Principal.
  16. Requisition slips containing the particulars of the books required will be received daily at the library counter between 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
  17. All books must be returned to the library before receiving of the Admit card for the Annual Examinations.
  18. Members of the staff are allowed to borrow text books relating to their own department. However, Textbooks from other departments can be issued to them after obtaining permission from the concerned Head of Deptt.
  19. Ignorance of the library rules will not constitute an excuse for the breach of any of rules.
  20. The following list shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers.
    Issued by No. of Books
    Members of the teaching staff 15 each
    Members of the subordinate staff 04 each
    Members of the Class IV service 01 each
    +2 Students 01 each
    +3 Students(Pass) 02 each
    +3 Students(Hons) 04 each
  21. Library Days for different classes
    Classes Days
    +2 Ist Year Monday
    +2 IInd Year Tuesday
    +3 Ist Year Wednesday
    +3 2nd Year Thursday
    +3 Final Year Friday