College Hostel

Hostel rules
  1. Admission: An application for admission in to the hostel be made while applying for admission into the college in the prescribed form. If vacancy arises, it will be filled in the inviting fresh application on the basis of merit.
  2. Seat allotment: Rooms will be allotted to the boarders by the Superintendent. No boarder is permitted to change her Roomwithout the permission of the Supt.
  3. Withdrawal: Withdrawal from the hostel requires the sanction of the Principal. No boarder will be allowed to leave the hostel without the permission of the Supt. and unless all dues are cleared up.
  4. Management:
    1. The Principal is the warden of the hostel assisted by the Superintendent and asst. Superintendent in the general administration.
    2. The internal administration of the hostel rests with the Supt.
    3. Study hours, study periods of two hour duration are observed twice a day. No boarder will be absent from the hostel during study period.
    4. Roll call: There will be a Roll Call every night. Boarders are required to be in their seats during Roll Call, and they are required to sign in the register meant for the purpose.
    5. Leave or Absence: Absence from the hostel requires the permission of the supt.
  5. Care of hostel property: Every boarder is responsible for the care of the hostel property she uses. She will be held responsible for the damage to such property caused by her and will pay the cost there of.
  6. Visitors and Guests: A boarder is not allowed to keep any visitor in her Roomduring the night. Only recommended visitors may be allowed to meet the boarder during day time, being permitted by the Matron.
  7. Medical Attendance: When a boarder is sick, she should enter her name in the Medical register and the report be sent to the Supt. for arrangement of necessary treatment.
  8. Discipline: The following should be considered as breach of discipline:-
    1. Absence from the hostel without leave.
    2. Continued neglect of studies.
    3. Lack of cleanliness and tidiness of the room.
    4. Singing or playing on any musical instrument except during the specific hours.
    5. Making noise during study or sleeping or sleeping hours.
    6. Writing or disfiguring the wall, doors or windows.
    7. Holding of any meeting without the prior permission of the Supt.
    8. Showing any derogatory behaviour towards the hostel or mess employees.
    9. Continued absence of more than 15 days except vacations and prolonged sickness.
  9. Mess Committee: This consists of the superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Mess Secretary, Assistant Mess Secretary and two representatives of each class elected from among the boarders. This committee is responsible for the day to day management.
  10. Executive Committee: This consists of the superintendent, Assistant Supt., General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Mess Secretary, Athletic Secretary, Common RoomSecretary, Captain of each volunteer corps, one class representative of each class.
  11. Function of the Mess and Executive Committee: The superintendent of each hostel should frame necessary rules for the functioning of the Mess and Executive Committee of her hostel.